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Principles of Business Sba Sample free essay sample

This type of operation is unique to southern Grenada. The atmosphere will be friendly and open. The business will display a new attitude. It will treat customers like first-class citizens and try to make them feel like they are at home. The services will be offered at a competitive price and pricing will be reviewed periodically. The operating hours will be Monday through Sunday from 7:00 A. M. through 7:00 P. M. We will review our hours periodically and extend them to meet demand, when necessary. . Allisha’s Auto Wash is located 12th green street St. George’s central business district. The business is located at close proximity to the premier packing lots of St. George’s just opposite the main gas station, Texas Gas station. Reason why this location influences me is because of three reasons and also WASA main water storage facilities serving the town. Due to the closeness of the main car park there is a steady and reliable source of customers in and out of my business. We will write a custom essay sample on Principles of Business Sba Sample or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Power: due to the fact that the business is located in the heart of the central business district there reliable, cheap and efficient source of energy to run the facilities and equipments necessary and critical for the operation of the car wash business. Water supply: the business is serving by cheap and reliable source of water which is readily available twenty-four (24) hours375 days of the year. Allisha’s Auto Wash has 10 workers. There are 3 skilled workers, 3 semiskilled and 4 unskilled workers. The skilled workers are as follows: The three (3) skilled workers- Car wash General Manager, Car Wash Assistant and site manager , car wash sales attendant. Car wash -General Manager: is responsible for overall operation and profitability of multiple car wash sites and to drive the business forward by focusing on the customer’s experiences. Is also responsible for the physical appearance of sites and equipment maintenance. . An entrepreneur can be defined either as: * Someone who starts a business with the aim of making a profit. * An individual who organizes and operates a business or businesses taking a financial risk in doing so. The role of an entrepreneur is conceptualizing, planning, and accessing funds, organizing, operating, evaluating the performance a business and bearing risk. Three (3) functions of an Entrepreneur: 1. To  Face Risks: He faces uncertainly and bears risks in his business uncertainly comprising those risks against which it is not possible to insure. He also faces the risk of other producers may enter the market. 2. Planning of the project: Will be the organizer who conceive the idea of launching the project (business) and to program the structure of the business. 3. Scale of Production: decides the scale of business in according with the provision of capital. Then, takes the decision of what, where and how to produce goods. The levels of production classify the amounts of goods and service produced under three different heading: * Subsistence * Domestic * Surplus or export levels. Allisha Auto Wash would be involved in both in Domestic level of production. At this level the business will be providing Carwash services within Grenada. \ Production refers to the combining of the factors to create goods and services to satisfy people’s wants and needs. There are three (3) types of production * Priamry * Secondary * Tertairy productions. Allisha Auto Wash would be involved in Tertiary production. This type of production provides services that are important to the first two stages of production (marketing, communicating etc. ) At Allisha’s Auto Wash there would be measures in place to ensure that all the company’s product are at top quality and of the best standard, and services provided are satisfied in the eyes of the customers. This job will be done by QC inspector whose responsibility is to: 1. Recognize areas for improvement- keep a note of all potential improvements concepts as well as suggestion and feedback sent by customers, employees at all levels of the organization. 2. The quality control inspector records information on his findings during a quality inspection. This can include measurements, test results and visual defects. 3. Dealing with complaints of customers if products are not of its best quality and to find out suggestions on way to improve the product and services. Technology involves the use of mechanisms that enable business organizations to process inputs and outputs more effectively and efficiently. It impacts every area of the business, assisting employees in maintaining smooth operations among departments throughout the business. The purpose of technology is to make tasks simpler for humans to perform (making work easier). Car Wash Technologies provides carwash operators professional, comprehensive services, education, supplies and equipment systems to protect and enhance profitability. Allisha’s Auto Wash would adopt new technology that offers customers a better product or aids in water conservation and anti-pollution efforts. Two Types of technology used * Controller: This is where customers insert coins or tokens into the controller, they can choose options such as soap tire cleaner, wax or clean water rinse, and all dispensed from the sprayer or scrub the vehicle with the foam-brush. Vacuum stations: this allows customers to clean the  upholstery  and rugs inside their cars. This offers customers with equipments such as hand-held dryers, etc. * Industrial Linkages-This is an industry that other businesses are linked to or depend on. There are two types of linkage: -Forward linkage: This allows a business to produce an input for another industry or business. Backward linkage: a business buys the output of another industry or business.

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