Tuesday, January 21, 2020

MBA Admissions Essays - Major Accomplishments -- MBA College Admission

I had practiced it before, but this time it was for real. Well, as real as a college mock trial tournament can get. I objected, pointed, and did squat thrusts during 10-minute breaks. During the trial, I paused for a few seconds of silence and methodically tied up the loose ends of my closing monologue. My mock trial team sat quietly for a couple of minutes until the judges offered some feedback and tabulated the scores. Unfortunately, we lost in a landslide and would not be moving on to the final round of competition. Before our team departed from Ithaca, however, we still had to sit through closing ceremonies, where team and individual awards would be distributed. We arrived to the function with our head between our tales, but when they read the award for best mock trial attorney, my name was called. I was shocked and utterly ecstatic. I was even surprised that it wasn't a run of the mill paper award I had won, but actually a wooden plaque with some official looking carvings. It wa sn't an Academy award or Nobel Prize, but for someone who had practiced relentlessly for months, it su...

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