Friday, February 7, 2020

Cherished Love Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Cherished Love - Essay Example He was taking the information so deeply it seemed my decision was so abrupt. I always told him about it before, preparing him for such a time as this as I knew pretty well that my departure is inevitable. My mother is in the United States and she wanted me to join her because things are really tough for us in Poland. My boyfriend said he was afraid I would stop loving him. Of course this was foolish. I know deep in my heart that I would always cherish him, adore and regard him with deep love and fidelity. I understood how he felt. I feel the same way however, I kept it unspoken. The atmosphere was so tense between us especially when he got testy, finding how I might take things if some unexpected events happened. To all his questions I said I will always remain loving him. How would I forget such a wonderful man? He was always romantic, always ready with something new to spice up our relationship. Expecting a surprise from him would never stop me from being surprised. He was just so witty, bright and fantastic. There never seemed to be a boring moment spent with him. He was always thoughtful. One of the treasures I brought along with me is a couple of brown bunnies my boyfriend gave me. He knew how I love animals and he just thought I might want to have something that would last for years, something that would not die, â€Å"like our love†, he said. That was so sweet of him and I treasure such memories. I find my boyfriend a wonderful man who is just so full of equally wonderful ideas to express how he felt towards me. This made me always feel comfortable with him even in the presence of his parents or friends. I knew I was genuinely loved and I in return, gave my generous love that seemed to have known no bounds. My days would always be fantastic after spending time with him, sharing a lazy moment when we did nothing but talk, laugh and enjoy each other’s company. He is a true debonair, I must say. He sure is the sunshine in my life, bringing che er to my gloomy days and encouragement when I am down. He is always energetic I always wonder where he finds all the strength to be so active in school and at home and yet would find much time to nurture the relationship that we shared. He is also funny and sometimes, he would go to an extreme and could almost be hilarious. There are also days that he would just simply be silly but not the kind of silly that is laughable. He sometimes just expresses himself weirdly like for instance, we are walking and he suddenly kneels in front of me to sing a song of love. I find that stupid and silly especially when he does that in front of other people but I guess that is how love would drive a person to madly indulge in. I consider my boyfriend mature and reflective. When he talks, he makes a lot of sense one would think he is speaking to a philosopher. He is a dreamer and in his plans and objectives, he always considers me. We were still teenagers then, and I think for a man to have such clea r perceptions of his future at such age, there is a certain maturity that is almost unseen from most of our age mates. He was always sincere with his words, expressing his love when he is at the summit of his emotions and saying just how bad he felt when something bad hit him. This is one of the attributes that has attracted me to my boyfriend because I find that in our world today, men who show their manliness through muscles and good looks and probably a string of women they attach to their character. However for me, I am more interested in the attitude than the physical attributes. He is also kind-hearted and sensitive. Sensitivity might be more appropriate for women, thought of as a feminine attribute yet, I find it attractive to be on a man especially

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