Monday, January 28, 2019

Potbelly’s Case Essay

1. spates schema in terms of growth and food market ar to provide great food and a lucky atmosphere. As far as their increase goes even their CEO Keil says that whatsoeverbody cigarette make and sell a sandwich. What strategy they use is by victimisation quality ingredients and a superior value. Their strategy towards the market is to provide a fun, unique experience to their customers. Their previous attempts as far as product goes was to sell antiques along with their sandwich shop, kind of the same approach as a cracker barrel. It seems the sandwiches become a more important affair of their revenue. The antiques became more of decoration then sale items. The past market was really small just having one sandwich shop owned by a couple. With the purchase of the shop they quickly started a chain of restaurants and realise opened a lot of places just recently.2. lots touch strategy seems to take over been starting small in one commonwealth while making a name for it self. In its first louver years all the locations opened were in Chicago, Illinois. After they had built a reputation they moved into Washington D.C. This seems to be an attempt to stay in major cities to increase their reputation. The nations capital is one of the some major spark off destinations for work. This way the businessmen of Chicago can total the sandwiches they love even away from home. The next year instead of branched out to the other major business travel cities, for example, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles, Potbelly took the approach that many other custody take. There central location was Chicago, Illinois from there they spread into neighboring stirs, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Like mentioned earlier most chains take this approach until they are nationwide. A lot of grocery stores northerners are familiar with allow not be found as they honcho further south just as southerners will not give away the same stores they are used to shopp ing at when they head north.The next year it opened locations in some of those same states and spread to indium as well as another major business travel destination, Texas. In the more recent years they have built more locations in the already occupied states while spreading to neighboring state Ohio. From this point they have made a good name for themselves and have over 100 locations with the reputation the telephoner has I am current they will continue to spread their market. Their original locations are located in Northern Mid America, they did not start on one strand and try to spread to the other, this will help extremely with them being a nationwide chain and in the coming years will likely start seeing Potbellys as far eastmost as New York, as far south as Georgia, and western United States into the mid-western states.3. Potbellys environmental opportunities in the external environment would belike include their original location and how much easier it is to spread fr om the middle of the nation rather than the corner or coastline of the United States. The threats Potbellys would feeling more importantly is the competition. There are many well accomplished chains of sandwich shops in the United States including, Sub-way, Quiznos, Panera Bread, Jimmy Johns, and Schlotzskys Deli to name a few. When moving into a new market promotion is a key element as the market the company does not know the companies name and would rather go with what they know.Potbelly offers promotions and a great atmosphere that may be able to take some of these competitors business. Subway for example does not use quality ingredients, nor does it have any sort of favorable atmosphere for around the same price. It should be actually easy for Potbellys to take business away from them. For Potbellys to maintain its antique setup and friendly atmosphere they will require excellent management expanding into these new markets. I do not see any reason for Potbellys to change the ir strategy at this time. Changing the way they do business, either the looks of the restaurants or the friendly workers would take away from why people will choose them in the first place over their already known sandwich shops.

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