Friday, July 26, 2019

Diagnosing Industrial Service of American, Inc Essay

Diagnosing Industrial Service of American, Inc - Essay Example The paper shall focus on Industrial service of American Inc. as our reference organization. The ultimate aim of this paper is to diagnose and determine whether the Industrial service of American inc. is performing according to the expectations. The paper shall consider the input and output organization. From the findings on how the inputs are organized, it would be easier to tell whether the overall performance of the company is high, medium, or low. The first section shall describe the kind of activities taking place in this company. Industrial Service of America, inc. is a company dealing with the recycling of the stainless steel, and non-ferrous products. The company also has a role of providing various services to the customers. However, according to the market analysis, the company is primarily focuses its attention towards recycling business (McLuhan, 2005). The kind of activities taking place in the company involves collecting, purchasing, and selling different recyclable meta llic equipments. The company has two categories of activities. The first category involves buying, processing and sale of stainless steel related equipments including the high-temperature alloys. The second category deals with the non-ferrous scraps such as copper, aluminum, and brass. As far as waste service segment is concerned, the company leases and sells service waste and recycling equipments (Nadler & Tushman, 1980). Inputs In order to diagnose the organization situation of the Industrial Service of American, inc. there is a need to review how the company organizes and integrates its inputs. The main inputs used in the company include the raw materials, the human resource, the capital and the management skills and knowledge employed. The main raw materials used by the company include the land, the scrap metals. As far as the scrap metal is concerned, the company has reliable sources of scrap metal. There are two main sources of these raw materials (Jones & Jennifer, 2006). The first source is the industrial and commercial non-ferrous scrap metal providers. This is where the company gets materials such as waste aluminum, copper, stainless steel, nickel-bering metals, brass, and others. The second main source of the raw materials is the peddlers who collect the material from variety of sources and deliver to the company. The company has inventory system that is used to monitor the quantities of the ferrous and non-ferrous raw materials that include the stainless steel, and the scrap. The inventory system is designed in a manner that the cost use to purchase the raw materials is relatively lower than the anticipated selling price (Jones & Jennifer, 2006). In this vein, if the company is anticipating for a future decline in the selling price of the scrap metal and the finished products, then it would make any adjustment it feels necessary in order to reduce the value of the inventory so tat it is in line with the anticipated value. The raw materials handled by the company are classified into two. The first category involves those that are in saleable condition at the time of acquisition. This means that little or no transformation would be imposed on these kinds of raw materials (Rue &Lloyd, 2003). The second category of raw materials constitutes those raw materials that

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