Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Low carbon building portfolio (Briefing Reports) Assignment

Low carbon building portfolio (Briefing Reports) - Assignment Example The BEEAM calculator method defines the type of building and differences in range of water consuming activities of various components within a building. The other methods that are used are standard Wat 01 method, and alternative Wat 01 technique (Srinivasan, Ling, & Mori 2011). Using the Wat 01 calculator, domestic water rate of consumption of components is calculated and baseline performance compared, indicate efficiency of baths, dishwashers, urinals, and showers, specify rain water systems, and finally, specify water consumption rate in liters. When the building tenanted areas are provided with water, then sanitary components must be specifies. Alternatively, the level of performance can be determined by use of fittings that are compliant with the baseline level of the BREEAM (Williams 2010). Wat 02 method is used where water is supplied from private sources or boreholes. Areas of the building that consume 10% of water are fitted with meters that provide instantaneous readings, have connections to BMS, and monitor the rate of water consumption. Each of the meters gives a reading based on the consumption level and each pulse water meters is connected to the BMS when the building is managed by the owner. There is no need for sub-meters especially where there are no monitoring benefits and there is no need to install a meter where simple calculations are required to determine the usage of water for a function (Michaelowa 2012). Provide a leak prevention and detection system to detect water leaks on the water supply system. It is activated when water passes through the water system and identifies the changes in flow. The following flow control devices may be used, thus, time controller, programmed time controller, volume controller, and central control unit. Constant water supply is required and in case of emergencies, the water supply should be constant and should not be shut down and it may be necessary for the operation of other systems within the

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