Friday, September 6, 2019

Affirmative action in the United States Essay Example for Free

Affirmative action in the United States Essay Tanglewood may have difficulty filling their vacancies in the future because the company has a very large shortage with their sales associates. Even though Spokane has a high unemployment rate and they are able to supply a lot of people with jobs, the chances of closing the gap that is needed to fill the vacancies aren’t likely. Since the sales associates move up to shift leader, department manager, assistant store manager and then store manager then the company can fill the higher level vacancies easier. This then creates the huge shortage with sales associates. As time goes on Tanglewood will have difficulty filling vacancies just because there won’t be enough people that fits the requirements in order to be hired by Tanglewood as sales associates. Tanglewood should engage in a more specific strategy to change their recruiting and promotion practices so that they can target more women and minorities. Spokane doesn’t have a high number of minorities but if Tanglewood changes promotion and recruiting practices then this will help attract the minorities that do live in Washington. There is a high number of females so the company shouldn’t have trouble recruiting females but designing a new affirmative action will help solidify a higher number of female employees. I do believe that if the company promotes different and targets certain regions and areas through secondary schools and other employment agencies then the company can meet their affirmative action goals in a year. Pros and cons of using internal promotion versus external promotion would be that when you use internal promotion you are relying on your employees to produce the qualified candidates that fit the mold that your company is looking for. If you use external promotion then you are going to be able to do a lot more and find more people that have the qualifications. If you use internal promotion is may not take as long as  external promotion because you can give the employees an incentive to bringing in new employees. External promotion may take longer because it is based on who replies to the recruitment or who the employment agencies inform you of. There may not be as many females that aren’t already working in within the company that are going to meet the qualifications of a supervisory position. If the company looks to promote externally they may be hiring more white males into a management position over females and minorities. They may already have some females within the company that can be promoted to that level. 4. I believe that each individual store should continue to create an environment that allows the employees to bring innovation and their own voice to upper management. Each store should work well as a team and want to see each other succeed in order to meet the overall goal for the company as a whole. By incorporating an Affirmative Action plan and changing the Equal Employment Opportunity to better suit the company I feel as if each store will benefit greatly by bringing in people from a different background. The store managers should be responsible for focusing on the applicants qualifications in order for the company to continue the affirmative action. This should be followed up through training and when promotion is to be considered. Once this is set in motion the company will be able to fill the gaps in each position.

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