Thursday, September 26, 2019

Clifford and James Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Clifford and James - Essay Example Clifford, therefore, could justify that the truth that the car is blue because believes in the weight of authority. He understands that the car cannot be red and blue at the same time. According to the weight of authority, something cannot possess the qualities of both truth and false concurrently because a lot of knowledge exists to counter such as an argument. Consequently, a car can only be blue and nothing else. It is supported by the law of excluded middle that affirms that an object can only possess two qualities namely truth or false. Clifford, thus, acknowledges that if the car is not blue, then it is not a car. However, Clifford could also say God does not exist. According to constructivist theorists, truth is a construction of varying social processes that encompass overt questioning on modes of thought. As a result, it is upon Clifford to determine his knowledge of God through different perceptions that is always influenced by through representations of physical and biological reality. Determination of objective truth on the veracity of God’s existence is, hence, deflected by the social construction of the individual compounded by the factors false ideology, power or knowledge. James equally has the right to claim God exists and adduce enough evidence of proving his claim. This is because validity of a claim rests on evidentialism, overbelief, and faith. In formulating his argument, James will assert that God exists because his conditioning is guided by social processes of a strong faith. It differs from the conflict of Clifford’s view that God does not exist on the basis that their realities of knowledge differ (James 7). For example, while James’s reality is pegged on the distinct identity of a Supreme Being, his counterpart bears contradictions on the concept of God in the aspect of context. I agree with James in regards to statement (A) that God exists and not Clifford because the concept of belief is what

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