Saturday, February 9, 2019

T.S. Eliots The Waste Land and the Modernist Movement Essay examples -

Sight. It is the simple, yet extremely intricate acquirement performed by humans everyday. The uniqueness of an eye can be expound as different combinations of colors that draw people in for cloudy conversations and contact with 1 another. As light shines its beams onto an eye, different colors sparkle, fashioning beautiful shades shine through. Brown, green, blue and hazel are exclusively a few of the colors that can make up ones eye. Without eyes, human beings would not be able to visualize the howling(prenominal) aspects of nature. Eyes also produce tears of joy and sorrow in response to emotions. The on the button observation of this human organ is an example of what a Modernist writer may have expressed in their work. Modernists were a mathematical group of people involved in the Modernist/Imagist literary movement throughout atomic number 63 and America. They were defined by their detailed description of images in hopes of sharing thoughts to the reader. Influe nced by creation War I, this literary movement focused on the magnificence of the common man and some authors described the deep wounds in which were go away following the traumatic war. In his poem, The Waste Land, T.S. Eliot reflects the principles of the Modernist Movement through his precise descriptions and use of images to emphasize the realities of current life.To begin, the Modernist Literary Movement (also known as the Imagist Movement) swept across Europe and America in hopes of discovering a untried writing style for Western culture. Beginning in the 1890s and long-lived until about 1945, this movement incorporated a variety of new and gaga ideas such as surrealism, symbolism, imagism, and more (Modernism par. 1-3). Despite its many aspects, however, the briny goal of this movement was to reject old customs... ... T.S. Eliot. DIScovering Authors. Detroit Gale 2003. Student Resources in Context. Web. 13 November 2015.Imagism. Gale Student Resources in Context. Detr oit Gale, 2012. Student Resources in Context. Web. 8 November 2015.Imagist Movement. Questia. Web. 9 November 2015.Matterson, Stephen. 1890-1840s Modernism. PBS. PBS, Mar. 2007. Web. 9 November 2015.Modernism. Web. 9 November 2015. Shelby, Nick. T.S. Eliot The Waste Land. New York Columbia UP, 2001. Print.Thomas Stearns Eliot. Encyclopedia of World Biography. 2004. 13 November 2015.T.S. Eliot (Anglo-American Poet). Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Encyclopedia Britannica. Web. 13 November 2015.Vendler, Helen. T.S. Eliot. (Cover Story). Time 151.22 (1998) 111. MAS Ultra- School Edition. Web. 13 November 2015.

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