Thursday, February 7, 2019

Why Feng Shui? Essay -- Philosophy

The word Feng Shui (fung shway) literally means wind and water in Chinese. These major energy sources underlie the belief that environmental factors influence people greatly and this is the basis of Feng Shui. The bagua graph indicates how elements, directions and aspects of life can be of influence. There is a wealth of data on the subject from practitioners and journalists that prove the benefits of Feng Shui. Disbelievers that began to practice it brought great prosperity and mountain into their lives leading them to become advocates of the practice. Therefore, it stands to reason that though on that point is a comeback argument against the argument that Feng Shui is hugely beneficial it is disproven by successful worry people, converts and journalists. Business tycoons, financial institutions, architects, offices and homeowners use Feng Shui principles. Many highly successful and levelheaded people spend time and money incorporating this antediluvian patriarch art, and yet there are the skeptics that attempt to prove it to be a waste of time. Feng Shui is at a time a global phenomenon it brings wealth and well-being, yet it is surrounded with skepticism tear down the skeptics eventually change when they are deluged with its benefits.Feng Shui is an ancient art which originated in Asia thousands of long time ago. It is based on the bagua graph which outflows readings and decides on the best actions to take when figure buildings or arranging furniture in the interior of a building. The chart is based on the I Ching, an ancient Chinese text that includes ancient cosmic principles and divination methods. There are eight directions on the chart, which give instructions on what the practitioner should do to manifest good energy, and appeal the desired outcomes... ...nne. Feng shui puts your furniture and your life in order. The Wall Street ledger (1996) 12. Proquest. 9 Apr. 2012 . Lagatree, Kirsten. Ancient chinese wisdom for the modern workplace. Training and schooling 51.1 (1997) 26-29. Proquest. 9 Apr. 2012 .Weltman, Barbara and Michael, Hayes. Feng Shui for Beginners. Journal of Accountancy 200.6 (2005) 36-39. Proquest. 9 Apr. 2012 .Asis-Leif Designs. 2001/2012. 6 May 2012 2012. 6 May 2012

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