Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Recuitment and Selection Process Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Recuit custodyt and Selection performance - Essay ExampleThe new employees must be able to meet the standards for innovation in law enforcement (Ackerman, 2009). Special Agents To achieve its objectives, the FBI looks for highly motivated men and women who posses the intelligence, skills and integrity necessary to be a special agent. Special Agent contributedidates atomic number 18 essential to meet a Bachelors degree in each discipline and three years of full-time work experience. In addition, citizens can in addition qualify to be an FBI agent with a degree in law, accounting, engineering, computer science, or any 4-year degree and fluency in a alien language ask by the FBI. The main languages that are considered include Spanish, Russian or Chinese (Fbijobs.gov, 2012). Qualification Requirements for Police Officers The FBI recruits any US citizen of 21 years and above. In addition, the prospective agents must have a valid number one woods license as well as pass the FBI b ackground investigation. The candidates are then needed to receive a top secret security clearance. There are various requirements to qualify as an FBI police officer. However, there are educational and job related experience that is needed in all position. Experienced police officers are allowed to join the FBI at strike off GS6, GS 7 or GS 8 grade levels. Other police officer who do not have specialized work experience can only join the FBI at grade GS 5. ... In addition, the FBI allows police officers to submit their resumes directly to the police recruiters. afterward the application process, the recruits are then subjected to a written test and panel interview (Fbijobs.gov, 2012). 2. Phase I Testing After the best candidate for the position has been selected, they are then contacted and scheduled for testing. Written tests are given to the successful applicants. In addition, panel interview is also conducted on the applicants. The writing test normally takes place at the FB I facility. Tests consist of two processes. The first process involves a written and video portion. Process two involves a panel interview which is conducted by active duty FBI police officers. Candidates who qualified by means of with(predicate) foreign language requirements are given additional test to determine their proficiency in the foreign languages (Fbijobs.gov, 2012). 3. Phase II testing A candidate must be selected based on their competitiveness, and the requirements of the FBI. These candidates also qualify for a conditional Job offer. The FBI selects candidates based on their budgetary constraints and skills required to perform the duties. The FBI officers escort that successful applicants know the job title, GS law enforcement pay grade and salary (Fbijobs.gov, 2012). 4. The FBI Background Investigation winning candidates who have been able to get a conditional job offer at the FBI are required to provide their personal information to the Equip system. In addition, the candidates are required to have a pass along secret clearance before they begin the background investigation. During the background test, candidates are expected to go through a polygraph investigation procedure as well as through credit

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