Thursday, October 17, 2019

Creation of a Resource Management Plan Assignment

Creation of a Resource Management Plan - Assignment Example The higher management in the company is very concerned as time to launch the product in the market is critical. As a project manager, my first task is to develop a project network diagram, determine the float on each activity, identify the critical path and finally develop a responsibility assignment matrix. In this project, project activities with duration and allocated resources have already been identified. Project network diagrams show the project activities and logical relationship between them called dependencies (PMBOK 2008). Complete project details for each activity or a summary level detail can be included in the project network diagram produced manually or using a software. There are two main methods for constructing a project network diagram, namely: Precedence Diagramming Method and Arrow Diagramming Method (Hutchings 2005). Arrow Diagramming Method, also referred as activity on arrow technique, uses arrows to represent activities while nodes are used to represent dependencies. ADM uses only finish to start relationship to depict the dependencies among project activities. It also makes use of dummy activities, indicated by dashed lines, to logically show the relationship and dependencies among project activities. In our project, for contraction of project network diagram, precedence diagramming method is used and finish to start relationship has been used to indicate the project activities as shown in next page. Critical Path Method is a technique used to analyse the project schedule. It theoretically calculates the project’s early start, early finish, late start and late finish dates for all project activities without consideration of any resource allocation and respective limitations (Mulcahy 2011). This technique starts with first activity of the project and ends with the last activity of the project as highlighted

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