Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Research Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 3

Research Paper - Essay Example Our general way of living as per the American Dream can also be viewed in the play. It has shown as how one rejects the realities of life and tries to settle down with the dreams that he has regarding life. Every character in the story is trying to build up upon his/her American Dream. But all of them are rendered unsuccessful in the conclusion of the story. This research essay would further relate the concepts of the American Dream with the views that Tennessee has himself put into the play Glass Menagerie and would further present as to how the characters were being deviated because of their utopia. (Gwynn 2009 20-30). American Dream has been included in the Declaration of Independence which clearly states that every man has been endowed with rights when he is born into this world. By this it is meant that all inequalities and injustice is undesirable in the society and every individual should be provided with rights through which he can become successful and lead a life which everyone would have perceived. The view presented by American Dream clearly places education as the foremost factor which can influence the people to lead a life which they have perceived. The phenomenon of the survival of the fittest should be removed from the society and all the individuals should be provided with equal rights. But according to the American Dream the ones with gifted capabilities should be given an opportunity regardless of which class they belong to. The subject of all individuals regardless of their capabilities is not seen in the American Dream. Over the time it is seen that many citizens are enjoying t he American Dream as it was perceived but many citizens are also devoid of their rights to enjoy the American Dream. This can clearly be seen in the discrimination which is being practiced in the country against many races and ethnicities. Individuals who are of a greater potential are

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