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Decisison Making Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Decisison Making - Assignment ExampleIn tactical operations, MIS helps in organizing information that pertains to resource levels and production capacities of an composition (Bagad, V.S.2009, 39). This may help in instilling efficiency in a supply chain. In operational strategies, the MIS may help in gathering selective information for items such as attendance, schedules, and types of equipment. This may help in organizing employee trainings (Sousa, K., & Oz, E. 2014, 89).The network can follow three paths. To begin with, the A activity may occur first, followed by the B activity, and finally the F activity. Alternatively, the activities may occur in the A, B, D, and G sequence. Lastly, the activities may occur in the B, E, and G sequence. All these three paths qualify as critical paths. Following the three paths saves on time that would be spent on following the seven activities sequentially.ARR (Average Rate of Return) and NPV (Net Present Value) are measures of appraisal that acc ords the measure out of a project before it commences. These measures deal with projections rather than real-time recording of data.ARR is a measure of profitability that relates income to investments. In this sense, both income and investments are measured in accounting terms (Harris, E. 2012, 78). ARR occurs by dividing average income, after depreciation, by the initial investment.NPV is a time-adjusted appraisal measure that discounts the present value of future cash flows (Rogers, M., & Duffy, A. 2012, 102). NPV equals the effect of the present value of future returns associated with a

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