Sunday, June 9, 2019

REFLECTION Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

REFLECTION - Research Paper ExampleI felt very relieved after the first meeting because my English is week. I did not have the confidence to communicate things the way he did. So I was golden when he offered to do the compilation himself. The second meeting also took place through a conference call. We all met and made our questions for the teams. Making the questions was not as easy as it seemed. I knew that whatsoever question I would come up with would reflect how deeply I understand things. The questions had to be sensible in order to project good image of the person asking them. So I conducted a thorough research and review of literature to acquaint the undeniable concepts before deciding which questions I would propose. The third, fourth and fifth meetings were about organizing of the paper as well as the presentation. I am good at organizing things and did my dissolve of the job always in time. I am also very good at making presentations because I know how to adjust the c olors of the schoolbook with the colors of the background so that the colors do not merge with the background and so that the text is clearly readable. I am also quite an skilled in the use of powerpoint, so I included some very good effects that all group members were very happy to see.The virtual(prenominal) meetings were more challenging for all of us generally and for me in particular because my English is not very good. It takes me some time to organize my thoughts and opinions in the induce of questions or suggestions and put them in front of others in English whereas my other group members were very fluent in English and so easily conveyed whatever they had in their mind. Since the meetings were virtual, I was even more worried because when you are talking and everybody is listening to you in a conference call, and you take time to convey your point, it fills skittishness in you. May be if the meetings were table conferences, I would not be that much worried because in tab le conferences, the others are looking more of you than

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