Saturday, June 1, 2019

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Being Nice to StrangersThroughout this belles-lettres class we have been reading stories of fill in & war, history & heroes, and Gods & Goddesses. This literature that has been introduced to us is about much more than that. It is about life. Everyday life. Our lives. If you understand the literature as it is meant to be understood, then you would be subject to put yourself in the characters shoes. You would be able to relate with the choices they have to make, the feelings they feel, and the burden of society they have gone through. You are able to do so because these literature works are masterpieces, and masterpieces last forever. They arent just stories told only for the times when they were written, they are for all times past and present. Even if it does take an educated psyche like Dr. Fajardo-Acosta to get the deepest meaning across to us, once you understand it, everything clicks. You think to yourself, Thats like the situation I went through last week, or Thats how I fee l. And you begin to realize that these works pertain to you and everyone else. You realize that you arent the only one that has gone through something or that feels a certain way. Than you generate to crave more. You want to learn, read, and understand more.I believe that deep down all human beings are good. Their ways or thoughts may be deflower but who are we to judge. That concept of judging others is very important in literature. Of course, you cant possibly stop all judgmental thoughts but the describe is to limit them and to realize when you are having these thoughts. We as humans are critical people of ourselves and of others. They way we criticize depends on what we have gone through so far in our lives. We think the way we do and perceive others by what has happened to us, whether it was good or bad. We are all conditioned to think the way we do, whether it is the piety you were born into or the experiences that you went through as a child that are stored deep down insi de. Whatever it may be and whether you know it or not, they fall upon you and the way you think, act, and see other human beings.Lets take Oedipus for example. As a child he was pretty much tortured and thrown into the woods to die.

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