Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Leadership, Teambuilding, and Communication Essay - 1

Leadership, Teambuilding, and Communication - Essay ExampleIt distinguishes the causes of group conflicts in organizations from structural and personal factors, its broad consequences on individuals groups and entire organizations that are all functional or dysfunctional, and gives strategies for conflict resolution in the organization. Finally, the paper evaluates the traditional (trait, contemporary and behavior) approach, contemporary ( organizational, educational, transformational and strategic lead-inership) approach, and emerging approaches to leadership stating how they impaction on the organizational performance. Keywords Organization, Group, Team, Conflicts, Traditional and Contemporary Approach, Communication, Sender, Receiver, Technology, Stress, Environment Workplace Stress Stress is a major challenge for individuals and organizations performance, due to its effect that may cause negative reactions if left unattended. It exists to interfere with performance, mounting pressure or various demands on individuals that they end up giving negative reactions, when their capability to cope with the situation is exceeded by the impact of the cause. The causes can be of different factors and situations grouped into those related to work content (e.g. Long working durations and work overload), social context of work (relations and interactions in handling responsibilities) and organizational context of the work, dealing with the effectiveness of organizational changes and structure in performance and working environment (Michie, 2002). Generally, simple activities and situations, like an organization that is not touch on with the working conditions of employees could cause markes that may pose a health hazard. Assigning an individual worker various tasks to be completed within an impractical duration, so as to minimize costs or workplace bullying on employees can result into stress. There are immediate varying responses to exposure to stress that influe nce the individuals behavior based on their psychological effect, mood, feelings, and psychical conduct. For example, stress resulting from bullying in the work environment can brighten some workers to retaliate in aggression, lose focus due to humiliation, become irritated, or level off unmotivated. Workloads can doctor employees suffer from fatigue or even be uneasy, especially when deadlines are closer. In critical cases, depression and frequent headaches do occur when stress is severe. Stress impacts on employees physical and psychological capability, finishing up lowering performance in the organization as a result of less productivity, competitiveness, creativity, and efficiency (The Impact, 2013). Issues causing poor concentration may lead to accidents in the organization, which may cost the management to cater for employees health, hire new staff, or even repair unplanned damages in organizations. Individuals and organizations need to make efforts to prevent and manage s tress, as a way of ensuring safety and health in workplaces. Some approaches that can support such activities in the organization overwhelm facilitating conducive working environment, recreational activities for employees, and clear definition of roles and channels of communication, to prevent factors causing stress like repetitive strain injuries and conflicts in

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