Wednesday, June 19, 2019

HR AND LEADERSHIP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

HR AND LEADERSHIP - Essay ExampleDuBrin (2011) have pointed show up that organizational limiting is organic in nature, which means that leaders and managers need to ensure that the change over deal includes the employees in the organizational rather than banking on pick and process deployment. Hence, it can be surmised that change management is direction oriented process, which means that, managers and in some cases leaders need to take the responsibility to involve the organizational change. On the other hand, research work of DuBrin (2011) shows that organizational change can be three types, 1- strategic- which is comparatively low human resource driven, 2- tactical- which is relatively high human resource driven and 3- operational- which requires extensive amount of human resource involvement. Careful observation of the research work of DuBrin (2011) shows that, whatever the strategic predilection of change management, one thing remains constant that is the involvement of ma nagers and leaders for giving the direction to the change. Research works of previous research scholars regarding organizational change and role of leaders have forced the researcher to raise a pertinent question, is there any strategic relationship between leadership proportionality and success of organizational change management process? Well, throughout the essay, the researcher will try to find answer of this question with the help theoretical tune of various research scholars and in some cases taking help of real world business cases. At this point of the essay, one thing needs to be clarified that the essay will not use any subjective view to establish the relationship between engagement of leaders and success of change management rather the study will take conjectural view on the research topic. In the next part, the study will try to encounter different aspects of change management process. It is essential to know why an organization changes in tack together to understan d how leaders and managers can help the organization to coordinated the change. Understanding the macro dynamics of change can help the researcher to understand why some organizations implement successful change management process while others fail to do so. The question may arise that is there any magic formulae or special skill which bifurcate winners from losers in stage setting to change management process. Tichy (1983) has identified that leaders capability to cope with macro environmental challenges and use organizational learning concept in order to change the existing system. According to the research work of Tichy (1983), leaders and managers need to identify three forces such as economic forces, cultural forces and political forces in order to incorporate organizational change in accordance with the magnitude of these three forces. (Source Tichy, 1983) According to the above mentioned triangular model, organizations develop three types of systems such as technical system s, cultural systems and political system in order to incorporate change. Gone are the days when organizations can expect that it would achieve competitive utility by using age old technologies. Organizations have understood the fact that they need to integrate state of art technology in order to furnish better value proposition to customers, decrease cost of operation, and achieve economies of scale etc. The study will use the example of Toyota

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