Thursday, June 13, 2019

Sexual Revolution in America Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Sexual Revolution in the States - Research Proposal ExampleThe feminists ever asserted that single women too had the selfsame(prenominal) informal needs and should be allowed the freedom to indulge in it freely. It basically meant female sexual sanction and the causes were the changing educational and occupational status of women, infidelity and divorce, the erosion of shame and awe in sexual matters, the liberalization of the media, sex education in schools and increasing number of divorced parents (cited by Judge, 1997). According to GLBTQ (2004) the sexual revolution was caused due to three factors that culminated at one point. These included the contribution of the Freudian theories by Wilheim Reich along with empirical sex research by Kinsey the empowerment of the media which include the pornographers and the writers and thirdly the counter culture movement, the womens lib movement and the gay and lesbian movements.The cultural revolution of the 1960s and the 1970s was recog nized by the people media almost immediately. Sexual materializes between unmarried adults were common. Since people were getting married at a late age, young men and women had more time to encounter sexual experiences with partners before staring a monogamous relationship.With the Kinsey report in 1948 a new awareness of human sexuality started to spread in America (Hippy, 1997). It opened peoples mind towards the diversity of sexual behavior. This study revealed even at that time that about 10% of the people were gay. This encouraged umteen more to see homosexuality in a new perspective. It also revealed that nearly everyone masturbates. Discussions on once forbidden topics like vaginal orgasm go common after the publication of the study of Human Sexual Response by Masters & Johnson in 1950s. Social change was evidenced by the denounce indulgence in Viagra, increasing number of sexual harassment suits, abortion, Aids research, and rising divorce statistics (Shere, 1999). Tech nology contributed to the

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