Sunday, April 21, 2019

Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Assignment - adjudicate ExampleWhenever a comp whatsoever starts the main operation in a particular region the initially grow steadily and then exponentially. However after a certain phase the company enters a stagnant phase, during this phase many companies realize the importance of approaching other geographical markets for growth. When the planetary ceding back had hit the US and Europe market many companies predominantly operating in those geographical scene of action realized the importance of taking their products to growing market. The BRIC countries namely Brazil, Russia, India and China, have been recognized by many companies as markets which have lot of potential. Many of these countries have a substantial population of growing middle and speeding middle class people. The increase in disposal income per family has made these countries, a lucrative target for many. In profession globalisation denotes more market share, growth and profit making. The farther is the reac h of a business the more customers and revenue it is bound to achieve (Tandon, p.29). Technology has been an important element in facilitating the globalisation. Technological advances in Information Technology have helped companies to operate their global operations more efficiently. A company that has to slew up an operation in a foreign geographical region has to initially relocate their strategic team to establish themselves in the foreign market. ... IT also en ables these companies to operate globally by enabling them to care their clients from distant location. IT companies themselves are biggest advocate of globalisation. Most IT companies work for businesses in various geographical areas growing their mesh globally. Technological development and advances have indeed made the world a smaller place. These technological advances set about it possible for operations situated miles apart interact with each other have formal meetings inside few minutes without physically relo cating. Technological advancement in transportation also has made global operations easier for companies. Travelling from a location to another also has become easier for the managers. whizz manger is able to handle several geographical areas receivable to these technological advancements. Technology also helps in keeping the operations located in various locations have a common identity. One of the main aspects of globalisation has been to utlise the resources guardedly and efficiently. Each geographical market has a unique resource quotient that gives a comparative advantage to that market. The companies distort using these resources in such a way that maximum profit can be harnessed, this makes globalisation a rewarding option for companies also. Globalisation also enables consumers with the power to choose. The consumers are given wider option due to globalisation are in a position to demand better and efficient service (Ramos, p.1-30). One of the most complicated issues for companies opting for globalisation is planning resource management. Resource management is the back bone for any company. The operations will operate according to the plan only if the human resource planning is through with(p) in an intelligent way. Right person for the right

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