Friday, April 19, 2019

LEADERSHIP STYLES Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

LEADERSHIP STYLES - Essay ExampleOver the period of time, the nature and orientation of the introduceers therefore has changed and increasing body of research is suggesting interesting aspects about leadershiphip. The leadership way of lifes butt end vary and play upon the ability of the leader to lead the organization and followers in a particular manner.From the perspective of breast feeding leadership can be important as it outlines the way as to how one will lead as the career progress takes place over the period of time. It is therefore important for nurses to clearly go out the difference between management and leadership besides understanding disparate leadership styles. This understanding is exact because it directly have an impact on the performance.This paper will discuss and explore two different leadership styles and how that leadership style or leader fits in my philosophy of leader. A comparison and direct contrast will in addition be made between leadership and management.Transformational leadership is considered as the leadership which can bring in positive change within individuals to achieve certain objectives. This type of leadership style is often considered as one the most important ways to actually convert followers into leaders by systematically transforming the way they approach different aspects of the organizational environment or their career.By redesigning the value and belief systems, this approach towards leadership creates strong changes within the followers and therefore makes some important changes in the way they approach different aspects of their life and organization. It is also important to note that a transformational leader is also a moral example for the followers. As such leaders become like role models for modify the moral standing of the followers too. (Roesner, 1990)Another style of leadership is based upon the notion of servant leadership which is based upon the idea of giving preference to

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