Friday, April 5, 2019

The Escape Essay Example for Free

The Escape EssayThe text under consideration is the short account statement The Escape written by a famous English writer Somerset Maugham. The invoice deals with the causations speculation of the question of marriages, especially the possibility of men to escape it. There is no exposition, so we can only guess by the contents where and when the settings set on. At the beginning of the text the condition expresses his conviction that only an instant flight can save a man from a charwoman, if she make up her read/write head to marry him. Further on the author recollects a case when compensate such flight couldnt save the poor man. The author passes on to another allegory of a man, whose cause was Roger Charing, who managed to extricate himself in such circumstances. The author introduces to us a girl shame Barlow whom he feral in love with, draws special attention to her eyes and the impression they made on men. He in like manner depicts the misery of the girls life , as everyone treated her very badly and nothing ever went correct with her.Further on the author disclosed about information concerning ruths character, mainly from the omen of view of the narrator. The author touches upon Rogers attitude to her, saying that he was very happy, for he committed a good action and at the same time did something he had very much a mind to. In the next passage the author suddenly changes the mood of the narration saying that Roger fell aside of love. He points out Rogers intentions not to let Ruth marry him by any means. tho then the author dwells upon the difficulty of the situation he was in, because now he realized what sort of woman he had to deal with. After that the author describes the method that Roger used to get rid of Ruth he said that until they found a complete house they wouldnt get married. The author points out that it took historic period for them to search for the suitable house, they visited thousands of them, but still couldnt find anything. The author shows the change in Ruths mood as the years go by she becomes more and more irritated, disappointed and even angry.The author describes the outcome of this story in two letters one from Ruth, in which she tells that she found some other man who is willing to marry her. The other letter is the Rogers reply, in which he pretends to be shocked and depressed by this news, and sends to her another list of houses that will suit her perfectly. Precis The short story The Escape by Somerset Maugham is a humorous and witty narration about Roger Charing who managed to escape from Ruth Barrow that had made up her mind to marry him.Being old enough and having much experience, Roger distinguishable to use the search of a perfect house as an excuse not to marry her, until she understood that he didnt love her and found another man to marry. Gist Roger Charing, a character of the story The Escape by Somerset Maugham, once fell in love with Ruth Barrow, but ulterior his love disappeared and in order not to let her marry him, he made searches of a perfect house last endlessly, until she decided to leave him.

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