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Marketing research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

merchandising research - Essay Example?11 Marketing Research Project Coffee Shops A master copy Usage and Attitude Study Introduction Coffee bewrays atomic number 18 commonly outlined as establishments that in the main serve prep ard coffee along with light snacks. From a cultural point of view, coffee shops serves as centres of social interaction where individuals especially youths are provided with a place to congregate, talk, read, write, entertain one another. As defined by Mintel (2009), coffee shops are shops where coffee is the primary sales item. They are based on the European and North American coffee shop models, typified by Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Cafe Nero and Coffee Republic and flip a wide variety and different types of coffee, e.g. cappuccino, latte, mocha, etc. Other items are usually on sale, much(prenominal) as pastries, tea, coffee beans, etc. However, the food offer may be restricted. Further, the operational venues of these coffee shops are also of relev ance Coffee shops include venues such as individual stores, kiosks and concessions. These may operate in a number of locations motorway service areas (MSAs), health clubs and hospitals, for example. However, they must be independent of the facility they are located in. (Mintel, 2009) This paper in short addresses the report of a pilot study on the usage and billet of coffee consumers, especially young consumers. The data collection for the survey report has mainly been conducted in fine-looking coffee shop brand names such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee from the localities of London. The data was serene from 20 young people aged 18 and above, along with a well-structured questionnaire designed on the terra firma of the usage and attitude of the young coffee consumers. Moreover, the paper looks into the broader picture of coffee shops market in the UK. It briefly provides the current scenario of the UK coffee shops market, which is now considered a booming market contributing rem arkably to the UK economy. While aspiration is getting tougher, the usage and attitude of the young coffee consumers are becoming significantly essential for the coffee shops in order to accomplish competitive advantage. Methodology Coffee shops are developing faster and wider, convey to the novel process of globalisation. With the level of market competition growing fast, there is also a growing need of more variables to be include in the market analysis of coffee shops. The study included in this paper is a pilot survey designed to test the questionnaire and the survey approach and to disclose some exploratory information which may be of interest to marketing decision makers. The survey conducted for the conclusion comprised of 20 young people (aged 18 and above) and students, to be administered by respondent self-completion. In order to let off the behavioural and attitudinal information of the young consumers of coffee shops, the survey has collected data from both males a nd females, and coffee shop users and non-users as well. Research objectives

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