Tuesday, April 23, 2019

LPN to RN transition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

LPN to RN transition - Essay ExampleLPNs perform the use of goods and services of providing the basic nursing care to their patients. This mainly involves monitor of patients health, providing basic care like inserting catheters or changing bandages etc., and discussing and reporting patients health concerns to RNs or doctors. RNs on the other(a) hand perform enhanced functions like recording patients symptoms and medical histories, setting up care plans for patients, assistance in performing diagnostic tests and administering medications and educating patients and their families. Additionally, they have the responsibility to arrange consultations with doctors and also with professionals of other disciplines in a given health care setup.The transition from the role of LPN to RN demands that a better understanding of the family as unit is developed. With the improvement in health care delivery services, the role of family in the overall process of care continues to play a critical r ole (Duncan & DePew, 2011). A registered fellate is therefore expected to take into account the function of the family to get an insight into the health status of her patient.Since the concenter of job shifts from mere reporting to analysis of clinical situations, the professional role of RN is attributed to the development of more than enhanced analytical skills. The habit of thinking critically, to derive useful results from clinical information is essential, if the role of a RN is to be performed effectively.It should be understood that transition is divided into three distinct phases force outings, neutral order and beginnings (Harrington & Terry, 2009). For a transition to begin, it is essential that the connection with a previously ongoing process be brought to an end this may equate to separation from a previously established social condition, losing older identity, disenchantment and disorientation. This follows a condition when the person in transition is in limbo this allows renewal and

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