Friday, April 26, 2019

Operatons management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Operatons management - Essay ExampleMoreover, the advancement of the information technology is another important supplement for logistic management. With the used of the advance IT system, operators can track the flow of materials from the point of purchasing inputs for productions to the point sinless products are sold in the retail stores. This gives enough data for logistics managers to make a wise conclusion for the overall business operations. Lastly, the principles and value chain are also discussed. The principles of logistic management give pointers for managers to do them gauge the correctness and effectiveness of their decision making.Transport and logistics, according to the report written by Shepherd, is a sector in which global value chain (GVCs) play a vital situation in connecting countries. It is also responsible for spreading technologies. It also promotes best practice with all the countries in the military personnel. Major shipping, incumbrance forwarding, e xpress delivery firms are just a few of the notable firms involved with this sector. Not but big and notable firms transport and logistics also partners with local operators. It does not focus on first valet countries alone as it extends hands to low income countries or commonly known as the third world countries to overhaul boost their flow of goods, information and other valuable resources. In addition to its vital role as a global value chains, this sector also helps improve the trade performance of umpteen countries around the world.For example, in order for manufacturing and agricultural industries to deliver their produce or goods to consumers quickly and reliably, they need the help of the transport and logistics sectors. A banana plantation industry depends on transports and logistics sectors to ship tons of harvested bananas to different countries. Without a cost-effective model of delivering these

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