Thursday, August 8, 2019

Animal Testing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Animal Testing - Essay Example On the other hand, those who oppose also comprise individuals, organizations, and non-government organizations. Their arguments are equally sound and authentic. Scientific institutions have used mice, guinea pigs, horses, and other animals to develop medicines. Apart from the issue of using these animals, there is also the matter of the way these animals are treated. Their condition before, during and after the experiments are conducted need looking into. Animals are living beings. They have a life cycle. It is the responsibility of the institutions that conduct experiments on them to also see that these animals lead their lives in the normal process after the experiments with them are done. Take for instance the condition of horses after they are used for the purpose of developing medicines for snake bites treatment. The process is long and painful. These horses lose their original vigor and become very thin. The life span of the horses also decreases as a result of this process. Similarly, there are other animals which go through the same fate and ultimately face death. It is not possible to do away with tests on animals for conducting research on medications. Much as we may argue on behalf of animals, it is quite clear that someone has to "bite the bullet." It is not possible to make medicines without first checking them up on animals.

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