Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Print Ad Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Print Ad Analysis - Essay Example It became obvious that the drink corresponds to the character of this director- bold, outrageous, and manly so he served as literal symbol of the beverage and its most typical consumer. It is well known that consumers tend to associate themselves with those whom they see in the advertisement. Tarantino is therefore a cult figure for numerous cinema fans because he crated the image of the perfect gangster in a suit, and such life seems attractive to many. All in all, whisky is often perceived as the beverage for real men because it contains a high percentage of alcohol. So basically one can get drunk very fast with whisky that is why only those who know how to drink it right usually choose this beverage. Whisky is often served with ice and is drunk slowly in a company of good friends. Dewar`s hints with this advertisement that the beverage is for those men who value style and quality and who can choose the best in any situation. Whisky is also the type of beverage for which the age is important- the longer it is kept the better it is eventually. So Dewer`s teaches its consumers to appreciate not only status and quality but time as well. The message of the ad is clear: Tarantino is sitting in a dark room of some luxurious restaurant on a leather sofa drinking his glass of Dewar`s with ice. This image implies everything that most men probably want when they dream of status and money. The appearance of Quentin on the ad symbolizes that on this stage of recognition and success people do not need attention; they need their good old glass of whisky to savor life. The motto of the advertisement fits the overall mood â€Å"there are two types of people in this world, those who are planning to do something and those who do†. This slogan is some kind of a call for action for most men because action is the only possible way for achievement, and we, people living in the

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