Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Persuasive Speech for the Adoption of Organic Food into the Lunch Essay

Persuasive Speech for the Adoption of Organic Food into the Lunch Program of the School - Essay Example Serving organic and natural food during our lunch can already make a huge difference in the betterment of our health and environment. My name is _________(your name over the line) and I am just a concerned student with a good idea about our health and environment who also genuinely cares for my fellow students and my school. II. Body We may not know it, but if we are not particular about the kind and quality of the food that is served to us in the school cafeteria, they may actually be serving us Frankenstein foods or genetically altered foods. This is not to blame the canteen administrators because many of the foods sold at our groceries are in fact genetically modified and it is very difficult to figure out whether they are organic or not (Kenner, 2008). (Tell’em part) Genetically modified foods are already prevalent. They are a product of the factorization of our food industry that seeks to produce food in scale, albeit of lower quality than those that are naturally grown b y our farmers. Genetically modified foods are also peppered with chemicals so do not be surprised if you still do not feel nourished after a plentiful meal because most of the food you ate was not really food but were mostly composed of chemicals (harm). (harm, significance and cause) This is not to say that natural foods are already gone and totally replaced by genetically modified foods. ... Kenner did not even mince with words in the introduction of his documentary film that GMO’s are in fact, just presents a notion of a food because by itself, GMOs are not entirely a food considering the artificial inputs that was incorporated during the process of its production. Note that I used the term â€Å"production† and not â€Å"growing† just like what is done in the farms because the industrialization of food can be likened more to a factory than to a farm that â€Å"produces† food rather than â€Å"grow† them. GMO is ever present in the current servings of our cafeteria through its fast food servings. I understand that my fellow students love fast foods because of its taste and convenience. I do not like to contradict only that fast foods are not healthy both to our body and environment. Experts agree, as reported by Rosencheck that the consumption of fast foods which are served big which have high glycemic loads contribute to the rising ra te of obesity in the USA (2008). This was supported by the study of Currie whose study findings suggest that the increase in the supply of fast food restaurants have a significant effect on obesity (2010). The negative health consequences of the rising obesity rates already are evident. Rates of diabetes (most of which is type 2, which is largely due to obesity, poor diet, and physical inactivity) rose 50% between 1990 and 2000 (Mokdad et al, 2001). Environment wise, the same fast foods that we like to eat are not also healthy. We may not know it but we also eat oil when we consume industrial food. Overall, the production of the raw materials of the fast food industry guzzles up petroleum fuel of about 40,000 gallons per year. This

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