Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 75

Assignment - Essay Example Whereas the quality of life is represented in a uniform fashion throughout much of the province of Ontario, only immediate regions around Winnipeg experience or exhibit a relatively high quality of life. This is further interesting as geographic analysis of these two provinces indicate that there is a relative level of comparison in terms of the overall education level represented between these two provinces. Another noted geographical difference between these two provinces has to do with the fact that Manitoba exhibits a very high percentage of foreign born individuals; as compared to Ontario which represents an extraordinarily low percentage. Likewise, higher population density in Manitoba and much lower density in Ontario could effectively be skewing some of the results that have thus far been reported and illustrated. Additionally, it was also noted that there were many more retired individuals living within Manitoba; especially within areas in which a higher quality of life was denoted. Obviously, seeking to determine whether this is a causal factor for whether or not quality of life is impacted upon by the overall representation of a more age advanced demographic is an exercise in futility. Yet, perhaps the most useful of metrics that was analyzed is in terms of the overall representation of primary industries within both Manitoba and Ontario. From the information provided, it was clear that Manitoba had a much less diverse economic base as compared to the province of Ontario. In much the same way that economic "Dutch disease" impacts upon the overall growth and survival of a particular region, the more diversified labor force and opportunities that exist within Ontario likely contribute to the overall higher level of quality of life and other metrics associated that have been discussed at length within this particular analysis. As Ontario is able to represent

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