Saturday, August 10, 2019

Recycling Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Recycling - Annotated Bibliography Example In chapter five: Engineering and Construction for the Infrastructure Life Cycle, Neil recounts that the recycling is not a simple one. It is a ‘sophisticated process that should be done by embracing modern high technologies’ (97). The main contribution of this source is that it emphasizes that the concerned environmentalists and conservation agencies should be ready to adopt the latest trends in technologies. We used it to solve the problem of water wastage and contamination of the environment. This book can be quite important when conducting a research on recycling. The information it contains were found out in a research that was conducted by this scholar. By emphasizing that the recycling process should be done using the latest technologies, it becomes quite clear that such information should be included in the research. The book is similar to Zaman, A. and Lehmann’s "Challenges and opportunities in transforming a city into a "Zero Waste City" because they both emphasize the need of cleaning the environment of wastes. However, their difference is that it includes a comprehensive discussion on the use of highly developed infrastructure in the recycling of wastes. For this reason, the book will be a very resourceful material. In chapter two: Waste Not Want Not, Jenkins begins the discussion by clarifying that wastes are not useless. They can be reused and made useful to human beings. As the author examines, human beings have an uncontrollable culture of consumption. This has led to the overuse and subsequently the wastage of the available resources. To solve this problem, the writer suggests that the used materials should be recycled. The author says that ‘it is by the recycling process that the used materials can be changed to become harmless materials that can again be used by people’ (111). In chapter six: Composting Toilets and Systems, the author says that ‘human wastes, if not properly managed can be so harmful to the human beings’ (104).

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