Friday, August 9, 2019

Education among adolescents with type I diabetes mellitus Research Proposal

Education among adolescents with type I diabetes mellitus - Research Proposal Example Diabetes self-management is very crucial to reducing and controlling the blood glucose levels. Some of the self-management techniques are healthy eating habits, performing exercises and utilization of drug therapy appropriately. It has been observed that patients with chronic illnesses occasionally have problems with adhering to the recommended treatment, thus not getting the optimal benefits from the drugs. The study will use descriptive and cross-sectional study design because it involved establishing of information concerning adherence to treatment. Systematic sampling technique will be used to select the participants. A self-administered questionnaire will be was used to collect data from the study subjects. Data will be analyzed by use of computer software, statistical package for social sciences (SPSS). The data was then presented in tables and bar graphs. According to WHO, it is estimated that more than 171 million people are suffering from diabetes worldwide. Among these figu res, 68% are suffering from diabetes type 2 and the rest are suffering from diabetes type I (Atkinson, Eisenbarth, & Michels, 2014). Having diabetes highly influence an individual way of living as well as performance of the daily activities. Several individuals who suffer from the disease are always worried about the chronicity of the disease and the complications that it entails. Such worries contributes to the patients incapacity to fully get involved in the daily activities and contribute to family social life.

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