Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Individual Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Individual Reflection - Essay Example We chose group consultancy model and with prior difficulties experienced with international students, it looked such a daunting task. Having had created a clear decision on this issue, I had decided that issues to do with group dynamics would be handled with a high sense of caution. We however got a group that would work very well for me. Using Tuckman’s stages of developing a group, the activities of the group seemed to go along well from the time of the group coming together to the level of initiating all the projects (Belbin, 1993, p 33). Our group consisted of five students. Some ties were strong while others were not but for the sake of the group work, we got along. There was a preliminary discussion that put together all our strengths and weaknesses as well as the experiences that we all went through in year 2. The ‘forming' part of the theory did not therefore take time to establish because I found out everybody was flexible enough as stated by Cassidy (2007) The ‘storming’ part of the theory was also done quickly because after a suggestion on the Burngreave Messenger newspaper group. There was a quick move from ‘forming’ to ‘norming’ as after the storming stage; a meeting was organized (Furnham, Steele & Pendleton, 1993). The tasks were broken down into two; primary and secondary research tasks. The final part in Tuckman, which is about performing was more useful. All the group members were aware of their tasks and the expected deadlines. We were of trust to each other and believed in our ability to perform with the best level of flexibility. Arguments against Tuckman’s theory use arose and this was just a proof of Belbin (1993) would argue that in a group that had so many roles, just taking primary and secondary sectioning was wasting of human resources(Guardian, 2012, p. 03). That was however expected. Belbin insists of norming and forming extremely rapidly for a better result. The project was done based on the two methods we had decided on where three of us carried out a primary research about the Burngreave Messenger to ascertain its strength among the residents of this Sheffield region. This was done through primary research by use of a questionnaire. The issues of social media came up as well as trying to establish the effects of the social media on the Burngreave Messenger newspaper. This was done through both primary and secondary researc

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