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PERSONAL MICROMESSAGING ASSIGNMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

PERSONAL MICROMESSAGING ASSIGNMENT - Essay Example I asked him to describe at least one aspect of my communication style that stood out unique. My friend pointed out that many times my speech and behavior seemed quite incongruent with situation. As an example, he pointed out that I preferred to look away from the subject (my friend) while discussing some trivial issues. To learn more, I questioned my peer, a loan manager at another bank, to point out one positive aspect of my communication other than speech. This manager pointed out that I had the ability to draw anyone’s attention during business meetings because of the excitement in my tone; however, such excitement in tone was absent during one-to-one meetings with clients. I felt my team members could give me critical feedback related to my communication style because of my frequency of interaction with them. I asked the most experienced team member to point out what aspects of behavior were annoying and had sometime triggered gossips among the group. My team memberâ€℠¢s observation somewhat matches with my childhood friend’s observation. ... messages of being indifferent or least interested in what others want to say; another disadvantage of this behavior is that I indicate my disinterest in the words communicated by myself. My team member highlighted that this indifferent body language has caused argument within the team related to directions given by myself on specific task. Micromessages have the power to encourage and instill confidence in people when used in the right manner. The positive micromessages in my behavior correspond to my enthusiasm in tone and body language during critical business meetings, which inspires others to achieve what I want to achieve. I consider this aspect as microadvantage because it was observable and people perceived it in the right manner, meaning I do show much enthusiasm during team/business meetings in order to seek everyone’s attention. This behavior appropriates what Young (2007) states, â€Å"microadvantages act as catalysts that unleash potential and results† (p. 9 ). However, these messages also have the power to demoralize or challenge others confidence in me and their own decisions (Young, 2007). Considering my childhood friend’s observation, he probably felt upset or even offended at times, which was certainly not intended. This exercise has helped me to not only to identify the micromessages in my communication, but also how they impact the purpose of each conversation. I have realized the positive aspects of micromessages that I imbibe such as excitement in tone and body language during critical business meetings, and also the negative aspects such as looking away from the other person or not maintaining eye contact with others. With an awareness of these inequities in my communication styles, I have learnt how my behavior or actions hinder my work and

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