Saturday, March 9, 2019

Calox Case

Business Marketing CALOX effort Section 1 Overview The main player is Mike Brown who is the external sales manager for Calox Machinery Corporation. Browns situation is to decide amidst staying with his current innovative Zealand distri howeverer glade Industries or to belabor to Calox unfermented Zealand, Ltd. The main player for the new follow is Geoff Wiggins who created G. W Diggers which he consequently sold and is directly heralded clearing. Mr. Wiggins is now in charge of the new troupe Brown is highly considering to switch to. * Decision on which follow to go with.Glade has gotten its act to tolerateher offers a new team of 3 sales executives opposed to Geoff Wiggins one man show * Legal risks * If the new political party fails than Calox is basic whollyy screwed. Section 2 Since both companies are battling for your business and so a smart marketing ploy would be to try to lease the best deal/package step to the fore of them. See what each company is impartin g to do so you keep them around. Alternating the prices to benefit your company and checker which one is willing to accept. Give Glade a call and have them pitch to you how theyre new team is going to join on sales and how they plan to market.Wiggins on the otherwise hand resume speaks for himself and you bathroom call him and ask how can he market transgress than Glades 3 members. Lastly, another option would be indulgent contract negotiation. Try to get a guarantee that the distributer will remain in business with Calox for x amount of years and see whos most willing. Section 3 facts 1. After Colax sent a letter that they were dropping Glade, Glade came back saying the restructured their sales stave with 3 new skilled employees and have already commenced targeting Wescots (major competitor) employees.On the other hand Mike Brown met face to face with Geoff Wiggins. What Brown got out of the interview was that Geoff is very affable, technically knowledgeable, and an excellen t marketing person. Also Geoff founded what is now Glade and during his reign had about a 50% share of the radical Zealand market. 2. Legal risks- sole distributer agreement is what Glade and Colax had. However, in the occurrence it is unclear of the potential severity of the legal risk. If the relationship is terminated and Glade sued than the amount of the case would probably be 10,000.With that being said its still a problem and it isnt guaranteed they wont get sued for a lot more. Section 4 My recommendation to this case is to switch with Mr. Wiggins company. Clearly, Glade is in a downfall. Their company is a mess and cant market Colaxs products effectively. Wiggins on the other hand knows the market extremely well. Colax has had business with him in the past when he originated what is Glades today. During Wiggins reign he had about a 50% share of the New Zealand market. Once Wiggins left Glade, the company has been in a downwards spiral.For these reasons I would terminate my agreement with Glade give them their 60 day edge notice and then sign the deal with Wiggins. The legal aspect of it is tricky. But, afterward reading the case and what the lawyers said was there was not really a probable claim since the agreement was signed when Wiggins was in charge and Glades was called G. W. Diggers. The lawyers are not a 100% sure but they are likely that Colax could be threatened to pay approximately 10,000 dollars. With all this being said, Wiggins and Calox New Zealand, Ltd. would be the move I would recommend. Case closed in(p) Enjoy your Labor Day vacation Mr. Brown.

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