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Heart Of Darkness Essay -- essays research papers

Did he live his life once again in e very detail of desire, temptation, and surrender during that supreme moment of terminate knowledge? He cried in a whisper at just about image, at some vision-he cried out twice, a cry that was no to a greater extent than a breath The horror The horrorWhat horror is Kurtz recounting as his final voice communication? Truths lie inside the inner soul of whole human beings, it is just a matter of when and where they will come out. Kurtz c both for to let his be known as his transit words. An epiphany, a passing glimpse, the realization of what he has created and destroyed, willingly, or blindly going about hacking by means of the jungle blindfolded, searching for something of extrinsic importance. The narrator of Heart of Darkness neer lets the reader know what Kurtz was speaking about. I believe Conrad wanted his listening to judge for themselves the importance of Kurtzs words. Finding literal, as well as deeper meanings, in the novel beco mes very apparent when basing the context of Kurtzs words from a thematic standpoint. His words can be broken in down on three levels the first, dealing with the obvious liter everyy feel of horror representing all the dead Africans, who died at the hands of the Kurtz in his square quest for ivory the second, delves into an important theme relating to the book, which is human savagery, Kurtz must study realized he had become what he hated most Lastly, on a abstract level, his finally words would have delineate the society of European Imperialism that had molded Kurtz and formed him into a by-product of the mixture, which culminated unneurotic to create colonial, imperialistic attitudes. It is shear terror to imagine the magnitude of the plateful on which atrocities of death, murder, and genocide had taken place against the Africans. Death is a very silent, dirty scene. Nobody has ever been able to recount their tale of death, for no doorway has been found that any person can u se to return. Kurtzs inner station was, responsible for satisfying more ivory than all the other stations combined. This task, viewed on its own merits, is a tremendous accomplishment, screening Kurtzs fortitude in achieving his goal. When the reader sees what methods are used to gather the ivory, the true nature of the real cost becomes apparent. The Africans were used as slaves, Kurtzs own tribal followers, who obeyed each and every command he gave them, no m... ...d they became debtors if they wanted to remain on their land. Ah Yes, this wonderful company managed to turn rather the profit by keeping costs low and selling at a high price, the economics were entirely in the hands of the company. Now, I know why they the phrase business can be ferocious is used probably because the Europeans would have done just that if their products did not move. The nidus of profit superseded the focus on humanitarian value, and workers rights, leaving the company with a tattered image and large coffers, but at what price?Kurtzs last words, was the summarization of Conrads whole followup on European Imperialism/Colonialism. My belief is Kurtz represented all that is European in nature, showed his true colours, as a snake sheds his skin during a magazine of change. Meaning, when Kurtz reverted back into a savage state the real nature of his person, personified as the European philosophy towards their true mission in African came out. The white-hot sepulchre was destroyed, remaining was what was hidden previously decay of a noisome society, with hollow values, and darkness that emulated in the light that blocked out all the rays of sun in the Africans lives.

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