Thursday, March 28, 2019

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You know what I hate happens? ( FUCKING EMBARRISSING MOMENTS )( Its the likes of when your waiting for the Phone )One Day after eating a hefty late lunch you sit rough the house waiting for the phone to ring, this girl was supposed to come over to your house later, When prohibited of no whither came the impending inexplicable urge to require a large-scale ass low-down. Thinking it over you know you cant afford to girl the phone call, but also when you got to take a dump you got to take a patronise. So taking a shit it is. Your on the crapper doing your business, you guess your about half way through when the phone begins to ring. sound your working on a big clunker right there and you didnt have any time to wipe your ass, You run to the phone as quick as you can in the state your in. You finally terminate the phone call and you put the phone down, she said she would be here in 5 minutes and Your like Werd, pimping it. Then you turn around and you see a trail of tiny wet s pots of embrown SHIT everywhere. You only have 5 minutes to clean it up. act to wipe it and get it out of the carpet, it spreads. The bell rings and you get dressed-up as soon as you can, your ass still remains un-wiped. She enters the house, she sees the stains on the floor and asks what it is, You say its chocolate ice cream, You try to steer her out but you know you couldnt show your ass to her incase the shit stain outline appears on your pants, she bends over to smell and evidence the stain on the floor.... she smells it, she gets an idea of what it is, and you try to steer her away, she tells you to come flavour at it closer, by then you have no choice, you bend over, she sees the shit stain outlines on your pants and her idea that those might be shit stains on the ground are confirmed........... The Date Is Over ( Its like forrader You go into the hot tub )Well The other day onward hitting the road to a long drive to vacation I decided to leave on a full stomach so I wouldnt be hungry on the journey there.

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