Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Is Proper English Necessary? Essay -- Teaching Writing Education

Is Proper English inevitable?For some reason, meet English has become very important. From elementary to potassium alum schools, English is stressed above mathematics, history, and the sciences. Whereas these disciplines are universal, English is limited. These subjects can be found all over the world, and beyond, while English remains contained to those who retire it. Our language is contained almost completely within oratory and the written word. Thought, the authentic source of all language, is restricted within the individual which cannot be seen by others. Those who believe they can see others thoghts become mental patients or psychical hotlines by society and condemed as such.(alienation of differences) Mathematics suggests an addition of abilities, making more than not less.(profits of math) Instead, language centers around communication with others like ourselves. Any plant, animal, or other entity that cannot communicate clearly with humans does not have a complete la nguages.(application of humans only standards)English is taught in a dash that emphisizes the correct combination of words. A good communicator -including writers- is defined by their hold of voice and grammar.(standards of society) Voice seems to take a back seat to grammar though. Necessities for proper grammar include correct use of words, tenses, spelling, and puncuation.(textbook definitions) These are used in communication with individuals, but limited to those who speak English. Proper English does not immoral anything to a French speaking person or a mark about to bite you. You meet angry dogs more than intellectuals these days. Your voice is what is matte up when you speak or write. A stern tone or crummy yell is communicated quite well no matter what the lan... ...ticians word is charge more.(alienation of minorites) What had more influence over the people, the grammar of the voice?It might be undeniable to weigh the worth of grammar in proper English. The world for those who speak it is enough smaller. Proper English is turn part of an elitist group which is also becoming smaller. Possibly less stress should be put on grammar. fewer people understand perfect business language but a growling cat is understood quite well. English grammar is a created language, having some(prenominal) seperatist powers and anglocentric values. Voice is universal and quite older than grammar. Standards within English speaking areas must be questioned soon for it is becoming smaller and less aright everyday. A rising population will require social skills. Seperating these from educated grammar will lead to greater problems.(One country under God...)

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