Saturday, March 16, 2019

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sleep together is a word with many definitions. Although, Webster defines sexual love as a strong feeling of attraction resulting from sexual desire fervor or fondness. But to me love is not just a feeling, merely it is the way that you treat the stars you care for. You should treat the ones you love so considerately through your actions theyll know you care and love them. Love in my eyes, is do that sacrifice for someone, knowing that you might regret it sooner or later. Love is how you make an opposite person feel when you are in their presence. some(prenominal) mess show or express their love for someone in many and different ways. To me love is in the actions not the words. The true implication of love like what is the meaning of life is one of the questions that will preserve unsolved forever. But right now the love is a coarse thing that should be treasured forever and valued as a important part in your life because it will effect each(prenominal) relationships, ro mantic or not. Love has not changed at all oer the pipeline of history and this makes it the most important emotion anyone could hold up. Most people take love for granted and worry about it always universe there when they need it the most. Family love is another font of love we tail assembly think about. It is the love we use surrounded by our intermediate family and our extended family members. Family love is said to be blind, only to show that love cornerstone be shown to anyone no matter condition or problems one can have. Of course we all know about the good times, hard times, and times we have as a family, but no matter what the situations are inside the family, love is usaully a important part. A close bond between two people can begin with a intimacy. Whether it is a friendship between two guys, two girls, or one male and one female, these friendships will develop into love. It is not romantic love , but this type of love still connects people. Friends may fight or m ove to other areas, but friends will always have that connection they once shared. quixotic love is not always there at the beginning, but grows in spite of appearance us. When we finally find the love we have been looking for, I beleive you can not imagine life with anybody else.

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