Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Problems with Internet Cafes and Online Games in Taiwan :: Computers

Problems with Internet Cafes and Online Games in Taiwan Asian countries grow never been unfamiliar with bid softw ar package. From the very beginning when Japanese companies demonstrable various game councils, Asian countries, such as Hong Kong and Taiwan, became large markets for calculating machine and video games. In addition to the spread of gaming system technology in Asia, countries like Taiwan, China, and southwestward Korea that view as abundant labor resources have developed sufficient, but inexpensive electronic computer components and software in youthful decades. Online games have existed in Asia since more than a decade ago, but did not come to the mainstream of software development until early 1997. Online games became mainstream with the introduction of the Internet caf. Although round reports show that the appearance of Internet caf and online games seems to promote the development of computer software design in Taiwan and increase the revenue for severa l computer component companies, it brings new social problems. There exists a management crisis of the cafs, and censoring or copyright problems with software. While the Taiwanese government is trying to appropriate the problems by putting more restraints on this modern business, it also has the predicament not to violate peoples freedoms and rights. In this paper, I lead first discuss Internet cafs in Taiwan and the storied (or infamous) online game known as Heaven. Then, I will present slightly ethical issues brought about by this new high-tech business and the opinions express regarding the pros and cons of the governmental regulations. Finally, I will also discuss my points of view concerning to this matter. In 1997, the South Korean government, in an attempt to stimulate the growth of its economy, advance the development of online gaming software. In order to accommodate gamers, the Internet caf, which originated in England, became one of the most profitable business es in South Korea. According to championship Weekly, there were around four universal gravitational constant Internet cafs in South Korea in the year 1999, but the number has mushroomed to twenty thousand in the year 2000. Moreover, the estimated revenue for Internet cafs in South Korea by the year 2001 grew to $1.4 billion U.S. dollars. Due to the popularity of this modern business, the Taiwanese gaming industry decided to follow and develop online games. So far, there are around 8 million Internet users in Taiwan, and approximately 40% of them are gamers.

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