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Value Alignment

Starbucks Value Alignment passenger vehicle 475 Starbucks Value Alignment Aligning organisational value with the brass instruments actual plans and actions provides a formula for achiever. Decisions made by the planning extremity be more effective if the value of the placement argon a part of the process. The value of Starbucks atomic number 18 the core of daily operations of the organization. Oftentimes, organizational value are seted with the personal set of the clients, defining the friendly responsibility of the organization.Team C analyzes personal and browse value, explaining how these determine correlate to the actions and behaviors of the Starbucks organization. examine Origins and Evolution of individualized and Workplace value A go withs core value are the foundation for success of their business. The business does strike a peachy product, placement, volume, and promotion, but at the heart of the company are the determine and conventions it believes in . Starbucks formulated its Mission Statement and Guiding Principles in 1990 and are the roots of its culture and serve as the guide for its partners.At the core is the philosophy of being truly committed to holding each some other responsible for their actions. This is supported by a communication system that is designed to violate every nonpareil a voice. This provides ownership at on the whole levels and a responsibility for all employees to be a part of the success. The six Guiding Principles outline the determine that Starbucks works toward achieving. First, provide a great work purlieu and take each other with respect and lordliness. The second principle is to embrace diversity. Third, gift the highest standards in purchasing, roasting, and fresh delivery of coffee every day.The fourth principle is to develop enthusiasti mentiony satisfied nodes. As a fifth principle, Starbucks contributes positively to the communities and the environment. Last, recognize that profi tability is essential to success. These values are the governing elements of the body of work at Starbucks. individual value Ones individualistic values ordain necessitate an influence on his or her actions and behaviors. Some values will determine why some whiz acts the way he or she does and how he or she would respond. For example, if a person is very determined, he or she may become a workaholic. If a person believes in integrity, he or she will probably be h binglest.A company tries to find individuals who region the equal commonalities. Starbucks has an ethical standpoint of trying to please the customers by providing refined products and service. Starbucks hires friendly and hardworking employees to exhibit the business. Values, Actions, and Behaviors Values, actions, and behaviors all choose a divided alignment. The values are what drive employees to accomplish sound decisions that will positively affect their actions and behaviors. If an employee did not share t he same values, his or her actions and behaviors may represent how the company and employee share opposing values.For example, if an employee did not care about customer satisfaction, he or she would act irresponsible and aloof. This would make management unsatiated because they do not share the same values. An employee who shared the same values would try to work hard and would treat customers nicely. An employees values tidy sum easily be interpreted by how he or she acts and responds to people. verbalize Values versus Actual Actions Starbucks mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit up one person, one cup and one neighbor punk at a time (Starbucks, p1).With more than 17,900 stores and thousands of employees, not to mention a high customer loyalty and approval Starbucks is achieving just that every day. Not only is the spirit of the product important but also the conditions in which the coffee is grown, it is ask to be environmentally sound as well as good working conditions for the laborers who grow it. In the days 2007 through 2010, they were recognized as one of the Worlds Most Ethical Companies, in the years 2009-2010 they were named the Most Ethical Company, European coffee bean Industry, and in 2010 one of the world(a) 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World (Starbucks).These awards prove that on that point is a direct alignment with their stated and actual values. What Starbucks values, and has been proven, is its commitment to the employees of which they call partners. By showing the commitment of a good work environment Starbucks is rewarded with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. All employees, both full and irregular a deal can obtain health insurance, a benefit that is virtually unheard of from a part-time standpoint.The following awards have be devoted to Starbucks proving the actions of their stated values, one of The 100 take up Companies to Work For FORTUNE 19982000, 20022010, one of the Most Admired Companies in America FORTUNE 20032010, One of the Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality The Human Rights Campaign 2009-2010 (Starbucks). Our Values and Organization Values Starbucks Coffee Company admits, every once in a while, every organization makes a bad judgment. However, what separates Starbucks from other organizations is their value-driven willingness openly to try their actions.For example Starbucks President Orin Smith States, The first hour afterwards September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, a Starbucks employee in New York sold a bottle water to paramedic. Starbucks meant to donate the water the employees made a mistake. When Starbucks president learn of the error he immediately called the paramedic and the public relation squad to issue a news release apologizing and reimbursing the paramedics. He ensured that Starbucks employees were donating water, coffee, and other products to rescue workers and to the injured. As Team C analyzes the degree of alig nment amongst personal values and the organization values as reflected by the organization plan and actions, Starbucks values are parallel to personal values. The team up agrees with Starbucks eagerness to admit their mistake and captivating actions to correct them. This confirms that Starbucks is value-driven and stands hindquarters their mission and values statement. Team C found no inconsistency in personal values and Starbucks values because employees and customers agree with Starbucks providing a great work atmosphere and treating each other with dignity and respect. ConclusionThe guiding principles of Starbucks, as revealed above, outline the values of the organization. Aligning the personal values of potential employees with those of the organization, allows Starbucks to hire quality candidates that enhance the business. Starbucks calls these employees partners and continues to grow as an organization receiving rewards as being one of the best companies to work for. Refer ences Starbucks Coffee Company, (2011). Assets. Retrieved from http//assets. starbucks. com/assets Starbucks Coffee Company, (2011). Company Information. Retrieved from http//www. starbucks. com/about-us/company-informationValue AlignmentValues are important to life. each day the working class faces two sets of values. He or She has their individual values and the values of the organization he or she works for. This cover will analyze the origin and subsequent evolution of both work values and personal values. The paper will explain how individual values drive the actions and behaviors of people, and analyze the alignment amidst personal values and actions and behaviors. accordingly it will analyze how personal values align with those of another organization, and why it is important that personal and business values align.Origin and Subsequent Evolution of Values Ones values are personal beliefs that guide ones behaviors and decisions. Values are held deep with ones subconscio us mind and are integrated into his or her everyday life. Every day people make decisions and these decisions even if they are choices are impacted by his or her own values. One gains his or her personal values based on his or her life experiences. Personal values began to develop during child hood and as one grow older and experiences life he or she may drop some of these values and add others (Lopper, 2007).Workplace values are much like personal values. As the business grows the companies values will change, and some will be dropped, and others will be picked up. In the beginning, depending on the size of the company the values of the company are based on the owners personal values. Workplace values set the guidelines for how the company is to make every day business decisions. Workplace values should fire extraordinary customer service by motivated, happy, and productive employees (Heathfield, 2011).My personal values are family, honesty, integrity, success, dedication, and tre at others as you want to be treated. Many of these like treat others as you want to be treated are values that I learned as a child and others like family have become more defined as I go through life. My favorite previous employer Holland America Tours values are focus, service excellence, integrity, honesty, team, change, optimism, and perspective. Individual Values Drive Actions and Behaviors Two people can have the same set of values but take variant actions and have divergent behaviors.This happens because of the way that the two people define the values that drive him or her. An example of this would be success. One person can define success as a roof over his or her head, and food on the table. Whereas, another person would define success as a destiny of money in the bank (Khoo, 2008). Reflecting on how I got to where I am today my values have not changed much however my rendering of my values has changed. I do believe that my actions and the decision I have made in life reflect my values.Holland Americas values have helped them in reaching their mission of excellence and through excellence they can bring in once in a lifetime experiences every time. Alignment between Organizational Values and Personal Values When starting or applying to work with a company it is important to do ones research and find what the companys values are and how well they align with his or her personal values. Working for a company that has totally different values than ones own values can raise an unpleasant work environment (Khoo, 2008).Holland America Tours values and my personal values is not a perfect match but yet it was one of my favorite places to work. This is because my personal values did align with the majority of Holland America Tours values. I did not always agree with the decision that the company made I did however follow those decisions in every possible ways. None of them went completely against my own personal values. Values wether they are personal or the workplace are important to everyones every day life.Our personal values we use to make daily decisions and our work values we use to make decisions at work. Both personal and workplace values are created in the early stages of life and then change as the person or as the company grows. Values are what drive our actions and our behaviors. They are the primer coat we act the way we do. Because values mean so much to us in our daily lives one has to find an employer that has values that align with his or her personal values. Doing so will allow one to make decisions at work easier and without feeling as if he or she is making the defame decision.ReferencesHeathfield, S. M. (2011). How to Make Values Live in Your Organization. Retrieved from http//humanresources. about. com/od/orgdevelopment/a/valueslive. htm Khoo, A. (2008, June 5). How your Personal Values Drive Your Decisons In Life. Retrieved from http//www. articlesbase. com/self-improvement-articles/how-your-personal-values -drive-your-decisons-in-life-439134. html Lopper, J. (2007, October 23). Development of Personal Values. Retrieved from http//www. suite101. com/ subject field/development-of-personal-values-a33585

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