Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Violence of The Queen of Spades Essay -- The Queen of Spades

The Violence of Plaths Daddy Daddy is probably Plaths most famous poem. The critic George Steiner has said that, It is a poem by which future generations will seek to know us. He has also called it, the Guernica of youthful poetry. The violence of its imagery and tone, the references to concentration camps, torture and fascism certainly evoke Picassos most celebrated painting. Plath claimed that in this poem she was adopting the persona of a female child with an Electra complex whose forefather had been a fascist, but while the poem is non completely autobiographical, it contains several obvious references to her own life. For example, here she refers to the picture of her father You stand at the blackboard, daddy,In the picture I have of you This is a direct image of the actual photograph the Plaths possessed of Otto in count of his blackboard at the University. Similarly, the man in black with a Meinkampf work out and the vampire who drank my blood for seven years is a refer ence to her percept of Hughes to whom she had been married for seven years when t...

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